Giffords Scorecard

Giffords is an organization dedicated to ending gun violence. Led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the organization inspires the courage of people from all walks of life to make America safer. Gifford's website is vast and contains many tools and resources on gun safety legislation.

The Scorecard tool gives each state a letter grade based on their gun safety. While at nclud, I led the design of Gifford's Scorecard for multiple years in a row.

Information Architecture
UX Design
Interaction Design
Design System


IA/UX & Planning

We started our IA/UX process by auditing all previous versions of the Scorecard, and taking inventory of all the functionality and features Giffords wanted to add.

We created multiple iterative wireframe prototypes to user test different design components to see what resonated with Gifford's audience. The end result of these tests gave us the blueprints for a pattern library from which to construct the Scorecard.


Pattern Library & Interaction Design

Gifford's brand is well established, and we applied its bold approach to our newly created pattern library.

Most of the design time was focused on designing different interactions for each component. This created a more engaging user experience and better highlighted Gifford's data points.

Year-after-year, each version of the Scorecard added new features, data visualizations, and components that were viewed by tens of thousands of users each month.


Drew Garvey

Direction & Design