Originally known as Infocomm, the Audio Visual and Integrate Experience Association (AVIXA), approached us for a total brand transformation including a new brand strategy, a new name and a new visual identity.

I served as the project's art director, designer and project manager, and collaborated with brand strategists and writers on brand strategy and naming. I also led a team of 4 designers in redesigning the brand identity, defining AVIXA's new office interior and launching the new brand.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Brand Strategy & Re-Naming

Infocomm grew organically with the evolution of the audio visual industry, becoming the largest AV association in the world. Over time it became clear that their organic success was aging and younger audiences were showing less interest.

To better understand this, we started our process by partnering with a brand strategist to conduct customer and stakeholder interviews, as well as dig into market research. The outcome was a new, more inclusive, brand strategy including messaging that targeted both their existing members & a younger audience of AV professionals.

After defining the brand strategy, it was obvious that the name Infocomm no longer represented the entire scope of their work. We started with a long list of names and narrowed it down to AVIXA, which stands for the Audio Visual and Integrate Experience Association. The 'Audio Visual' part speaks to their existing audience, while the 'Integrated Experience' speaks to their new younger members.


Brand & Visual Identity

Motion and member inclusion were a huge part of the brand strategy and the biggest inspiration for the logo and visual identity.

The brand needed to feel like it was always in motion. This led us to use a gradient as the main color palette, since it implies motion. We came up with an abstract mark that worked as a video mask, featuring the AV/IX works of member organizations in the mark itself, creating a truly community-driven brand.


Environmental Branding

We worked with AVIXA over the course of a year to plan the release of the brand. A big part of this was a comprehensive environmental branding system throughout AVIXA's headquarters. The environmental system was designed to both gain internal buy-in and empower the AVIXA team with the new brand.


Drew Garvey

Direction & Design