New Landscapes

Digital Exhibition

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the art world especially hard. Florida State University's Museum of Fine Arts (FSU MoFA) was ready to exhibit their New Landscapes show when everything was shut down overnight. Paradigm partnered with FSU MoFA to build a digital experience that would allow them to launch their New Landscapes exhibition and share it with a broader audience. I took the lead at Paradigm, heading up design and managing the project with the client.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Content Strategy
Website Design


Content Strategy
& Information Architecture

FSU MoFA had already done a lot of ground work in terms of gathering content, assets and images for the show. We worked with them to map that content to a sitemap that would allow for a straightforward user experience.

While working through wireframes with the FSU MoFA team, it became apparent that they wanted the exhibition site to be structured more like a portfolio that would work seamlessly on all devices, rather than trying to replicate the show in a 3D experience.


Brand & Visual Identity

"It is a natural landscape, which we now share with a new life-threatening virus. It is a cultural landscape activated through righteous protests against racism, violence, and injustice. It is a digital landscape in which we gather and communicate."New Landscapes Curatorial Statement.

We took this as inspiration and worked with the FSU MoFA team, through a collaborative moodboard process, to create a visual identity that represents how seemingly unlike things can come together to make something beautiful. We also incorporated subtle cues to wayfinding and navigation into the visual identity.


Design System
& Page Layouts

Given the large diversity of content the site had to accommodate, we created a robust design system before piecing together page layouts to ensure all of the artwork and features looked great on all devices.


Drew Garvey

Direction & Design

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